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Clashing Hard (Few Tips)

clash of clans


In order to compensate for the lack of drama in my life, I installed Clash of Clans around a year back and I’ve been simply addicted to the game. I had stopped myself from being involved in the hype for a long time and it took a major event in my life (break up) to install the game. I am currently in a clan that boasts of 88 war victories as of April 5th, 2015 and have won 538 stars for the clan thus far.

The freemium mobile MMO strategy video game was released in 2012 by developers, Supercell. The online multiplayer game encourages players, also known as Chiefs, to build and upgrade their villages. The pleasure of watching the completion of buildings in the game is truly heavenly. Although, upgrades can take awfully long in the latter stages, chiefs have the option of collecting or purchasing gems to expedite the development. Chiefs can upgrade either by spending gold or elixir in the game. The resources can be accumulated either through collectors or through raids.

I have listed some tips that have helped me perform well in the game. Hope it proves to be beneficial to you as well.

  • Collect your gems

I’ve not spent a single penny on the game. If you intend to do the same, it is advisable for you to save your gems and not use them extravagantly. The emerald-looking gems must be conserved to unlock the builders. You must at least have a minimum of 4 builders. You can accumulate your gems either through gem boxes, bushes, trees, trunks or achievements.

  • Collect easy trophies

If you need to climb the ladder of the hierarchy, you will need trophies. You can get the most trophies out of revenge attacks. It is also fairly easy to win trophies by attacking unguarded Town Halls.

  • Stick to a single attack mode and work at it

Bruce Lee said, I am not afraid of the man who has practiced10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.So, instead of focusing on both ground and air attacks, you should stick to a particular mode. Most people go about trying to upgrade troops that don’t help their attacks. For instance, if you’re a ground attacker, you should work on upgrading your pekkas, golems, and witches etc instead of focusing on minions, lava hounds, and dragons.

I stick to air attacks personally because the opponent’s canons are useless in those cases. For my air attacks, I’ve focused on upgrading my spells, lava hounds, dragons, minions, and heroes. You should stick to a particular mode.

  • Don’t focus on canons

When upgrading your defense, you should upgrade your archer towers and teslas first as they can defend against both air and ground troops. You will be susceptible to plenty of air attacks when you focus on canons alone.

  • Upgrade your dark troops and your dark elixir drills

As you reach higher levels, you will start realizing the importance of dark troops. So, you should work on upgrading your drills as early as possible. The dark troops can easily give you an x-factor when you attack. Ask anyone about the importance of golems and lava hounds in their attacks.


Many profiles can be seen upgrading Town Halls without properly upgrading every defensive and offensive unit. If you rush your base, you will be placed very high on the war map and you will be expected to go across the hall when you attack. Your lack of strong offensive units will make it difficult for you to attain war stars. Hence, you might have to attack low, which is, mind you, barred in almost every good clan.

Defense is as important as attack in Clash of Clans. What is the point of raiding if one cannot properly defend those resources? Is it wonderful to have a bulky upper body with chicken legs? No, it is not! So, work on both of your attacks and defenses as well.

  • Focus on upgrading your Air Defense

It is of vital importance for one to upgrade Air Defense since many good attackers use air attacks in the higher levels. It might not seem important in the early stages, but it will come in handy eventually.

Clash on and show some loyalty to your clans!