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Fast and Furious 7: The Tribute


Although, I have watched all of the movies in the Fast and Furious installment, it was a random plan to head to the cinemas to catch the seventh installment of the franchise, fittingly titled F7. There’s a reason spontaneous plans are considered the best.

Everyone you know has probably either watched the movie or is raging over the lack of seats available for the screening. Many are simply going to catch a glimpse of Paul Walker for the last time. The film has clearly been made with a single objective and it is to give Paul the farewell and memorial he deserves. The film is all heart and fans of the franchise will have a rollercoaster ride while watching the movie.

Without giving anything away, the plot is mediocre at best and it is best advisable to leave your brains at the door before watching the movie. The stunts are ridiculous in the movie. They manage to defy the laws of physics wherever possible and cars can literally fly in the movie. The movie isn’t short on action and some might even wonder if they are catching a Michael Bay flick. But, the stunts in the movie are just elongated enough and not merely as monotonous as the scenes in Transformers 4. The action takes place in Azerbaijan and Abu Dhabi before finally heading back to California where it all started.

Of course, for every flick to be deemed a success, the role of a proper intimidating antagonist is extremely pivotal. Jason Statham, who plays the big bad brother of Owen Shaw, portrays his role of Deckard Shaw to perfection. He is out to take revenge on Dom and his crew for crippling his brother. Although, his character could have used a better back story, it can be argued that the movie wasn’t about him at all. It was all about Paul Walker and providing him with a proper memorial.

Paul had finished shooting around 80% of his scenes when he tragically passed away in a car crash on November 30, 2013. Although, the production was halted for a few months, the entire cast and crew took the right step by committing to finishing the movie. Special credit must be given to the director, James Wan, who has done a stellar job of finishing the movie despite losing Paul.

Towards the end of the movie, you suddenly come to a realization that you wouldn’t be seeing Paul Walker anymore in the franchise. Although, there is a moment in the movie where Paul’s character, Brian, tells Mia to go on without him if anything happens to him and it proves to be pretty heart wrenching, it isn’t until the end that you feel the full effect of the blow of losing Paul. The montage accompanied by the song, “See you again”, which is performed by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth does manage to leave you teary eyed and provide Paul with the perfect tribute.

This particular film is for the fans of the franchise and it gives us everything we expect from a Fast and Furious film and then some.